6 Surprising Ways Dental Implants Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

6 Surprising Ways Dental Implants Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

Losing permanent teeth can prove to be a nightmare. However, technological advancements within the dentistry field, have given anyone who has ever experienced tooth loss a chance to feel whole again.

Tooth loss can be remedied through the use of dentures, tooth bridges, or dental implants.

Dental implants are proving to be a more viable choice of tooth replacement, and more people are opting to remedy their tooth loss conditions using these implants.

This is because most people who have used the implants before have gotten astonishing results that go to show how these implants are transforming lives globally.

Dental implants consist of a titanium end, which is inserted directly into your jawbone to act as the root and holds a porcelain crown that is so similar to your natural tooth.

So let us look at this implant and its impact on day to day life of individuals who have opted for this method of tooth replacement. How does it transform lives?

  • Implants Allow You to Eat What You Want

Unlike other forms of tooth replacement, the implants are fixed firmly into your jaw bone as opposed to being placed on the gums.

This means that they are firmly fixed in just like your natural teeth would be, thus restoring your chewing capability and allowing you to eat even foods that would be regarded out of reach.

  • Prevents Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, the surrounding jawbone area around the gap begins to lose its volume due to a lack of stimulation. Dentures, as opposed to implants, cannot stimulate your bone and, therefore, do not prevent bone deterioration.

Implants restore stimulation and prevent the loss of bone mass, which would result in more complex dental issues and even affect your overall appearance.

  • Improves Your Speech

Tooth loss can also affect your speech drastically changing how you pronounce some words and your audibility in general. Although, other forms of teeth replacements have been found to impact speech patterns negatively.

For instance, dentures move or shift around when you talk and can impede your speech significantly. In other cases, dentures have been known even to make clicking sounds as you speak; this can be quite annoying.

Implants, on the other hand, are firmly rooted and do not, therefore, get in the way of your speech.

  • Greatly Improves Your Appearance and Reduces Premature Aging

Bone loss that is attributed to tooth loss can drastically change your appearance when bones deteriorate your facial muscles may also begin to sag, and early aging sets in.

Implants prevent bone deterioration as opposed to dentures and therefore keep premature aging and facial sagging at bay.

  • Ensures Your Smile is Restored Permanently

Implants, unlike other forms of tooth replacement, are a permanent solution to remedying your tooth loss and restoring your smile forever.

This is because implants do not need to be repaired or replaced after a given period, unlike dentures, which need to be replaced every ten years or fixed now and then.

This means that your tooth loss will be a thing of the past.

  • Boosts Your Self Confidence

Losing your teeth can take a severe toll on your self-confidence; this is because most people agree that a smile is the most notable facial feature. Not being able to smile or talk in front of people damages self-esteem, notably.

Dentures have been known to slip up or shift often, and this can crush your confidence to smile as you should. However, implants are firmly held in place like your natural teeth are and will not shift when you laugh or talk, giving you a chance to let your smile light up the room.

Dr.Vinod V. Mathew is specialized in the field of tooth replacement; he has worked with these implants and has a vast knowledge of this particular area. He is available to ensure your smile is restored and improve the quality of your dental health for the better.

At Pleasant Pines Dentistry, we are equipped and ready to help restore your smile and ensure that your tooth loss ordeal is permanently resolved as it should be. Visit us today and let us change your life for the better.

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