Crown Lengthening in Raleigh, NC

A Simple Procedure to Improve the Quality of Your Smile

One of the most important qualities of a dazzling smile is symmetry. When a patient has a smile that appears too gummy compared to the amount of tooth structure, a simple procedure known as crown lengthening can be performed by our dentist in Raleigh. If you’re not familiar with this cosmetic and restorative dental procedure, keep reading to learn more.

The Difference Between a Dental Crown in Raleigh, NC and a Crown Lengthening Procedure

Most people are familiar with a dental crown procedure. As one of the more common treatments in modern dentistry, it is used to restore a tooth that has been damaged or to support a dental bridge, root canal, or dental implant procedure.

What’s different about crown lengthening near you is that it not only helps in the procedures mentioned by providing more tooth surface for the dental crown to adhere to, but it can also be used as a cosmetic enhancement to change the appearance of a smile by recontouring gum tissue around a tooth.

What to Expect During and After Your Crown Lengthening Appointment at Pleasant Pines Dentistry

Even though crown lengthening in Raleigh sounds like a complicated treatment, most procedures can be completed in one appointment under local anesthesia. Before the procedure begins, you’ll meet with our Raleigh dentist to receive a complete breakdown of how the procedure will be performed. Because Pleasant Pines Dentistry is committed to complete patient satisfaction, we’ll also make sure that every question you have about the procedure is answered.

Many patients resume their normal activities immediately after their crown lengthening in Raleigh from Pleasant Pines Dentistry, but our dental care team will provide you with post-op instructions specific to your procedure. These instructions may include the recommendation of over-the-counter pain reliever use for a short time or specialized oral rinses to help your gum tissue in the healing process.

Consider These Other Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Crown lengthening is one of several solutions available to improve the quality and symmetry of your smile. If you’d like to learn more about other treatments such as dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or professional tooth whitening, we invite you to make an appointment today with Pleasant Pines Dentistry to receive a customized treatment plan for your smile makeover in Raleigh, NC.

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