Dental Bonding in Raleigh, NC

Bonding in the dental office involves using a tooth-colored material to fix damaged, discolored, or decayed teeth. Unlike dental veneers that require a mouth impression and an outside lab, bonding can be placed in one visit. The treatment got its name because the composite resin bonds to the tooth surface. Dental bonding is one of many cosmetic options available at Pleasant Pines Dentistry.

In fact, dental bonding in Raleigh is one of the most cost-effective and simplest cosmetic procedures available. The malleable material can be easily shaped to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. Furthermore, tooth bonding can improve the look of a chipped, cracked, or discolored tooth. It can also be placed to close gaps between teeth, to add length, or to correct the shape.

In some cases, bonding can be used instead of a traditional filling or to safeguard part of a tooth the has an exposed root.

The Tooth Bonding Process

Your dentist in Raleigh will determine the best shade that most closely matches the natural color of your teeth. Then, the affected tooth will be prepped with a conditioning liquid that will enable the composite material to adhere better.

Next, your Raleigh dentist will place the putty-like substance and mold it into the appropriate shape. An ultraviolet laser or curing light is used to harden the bonding.

After the curing process is completed, the hardened material will be trimmed and shaped one more time. Lastly, your dentist will polish the surface to mimic the shine of your natural teeth.

The entire process takes about 30–60 minutes. If several teeth are being treated, you may need to book more visits.

Dental Bonding Aftercare

Keep in mind, highly pigmented foods and beverages, and tobacco products can stain composite resin restorations. To avoid discoloring your bonding, stay away from coffee, tea, smoking, or eating or drinking staining foods for the first 48 hours after the bonding process. To extend the life of your new restoration, brush your teeth often and come to Pleasant Pines Dentistry for regular cleanings and exams.

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