Extractions in Raleigh, NC

Although dentists always try to save teeth first, extractions take place for many reasons. You may have a tooth that is severely decayed that isn’t salvageable, or It may have been broken in an accident. Another reason that an extraction may be necessary is to straighten crowded teeth.

Extracting Teeth to Improve their Function

Some people develop crooked teeth because their mouth is too small for the number of teeth they have, or they overlap because too many have grown along their jaw. In these cases, teeth may need extracting to prevent the problems crooked, and overcrowded teeth can cause.

When teeth overlap because they are crowded, they are a potential breeding ground for tooth decay. Food particles can get stuck between overlapping teeth, and trying to brush the particles out can be futile. As the food particles deteriorate, they can cause tooth decay, and you lose more than one tooth.

Also, overlapping teeth can compromise their function. Some people cannot chew their food properly, and others may have speech impediments. By extracting a tooth or two, our dentist at Pleasant Pines Dentistry in Raleigh can help prevent tooth decay and allow your teeth to move into their correct positions.

Improving Teeth Appearance with Extractions

Along with improving their function, removing teeth to allow them to be straightened can also improve your appearance. After extracting the overlapping teeth, our dentist at Pleasant Pines Dentistry can determine if braces are necessary to straighten them.

If so, they can discuss the options they have with you, like metal or ceramic braces or using Invisalign® aligners to straighten them. It could take several weeks to several months to straighten your teeth, but you will no longer need to worry about losing teeth due to decay.

Our dentist in Raleigh, NC, is always reluctant to do extractions because they can save most teeth if their patients cooperate by taking good care of them.

However, when teeth are overlapping because they are crowded, then an extraction or two may be necessary to leave room for your teeth to be straightened, function correctly, and provide you with a beautiful smile.

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