Same-Day Dental Crowns in Raleigh, NC

It is possible to get a dental crown in just one day. Although many people may wonder about the quality of a same-day restoration. Is it hard-wearing, and will it last as long as a traditionally made crown? In fact, same-day crowns are crafted and fitted in one visit.

CEREC technology enables your Raleigh dentist to create same-day crowns for patients, in under two hours. What’s more, they provide the same durability as regular ceramic crowns at the same cost.

Dental Crowns in Raleigh

A crown completely covers the visible part of a tooth. As a result, it restores the shape, size, and strength of an imperfect tooth. It does all this while improving the appearance as well. The restoration is secured in place with dental cement.

At Pleasant Pines Dentistry, you a dentist in Raleigh may recommend a crown restoration to:

  • Add protection to a severely decayed or cracked tooth
  • Build up a worn-down tooth
  • Support a weakened tooth with a large filling
  • Cover a dental implant post or secure a bridge
  • Cosmetic enhancement for a discolored or badly shaped tooth

If your dentist recommends a crown, it is probably to fix one of the above conditions. The primary goal is to restore oral health and proper mouth function. Contact our dental practice in Raleigh to learn more about dental crowns or to book an appointment.

The Same-Day Crown Process

Using CEREC technology your Raleigh dentist can create 3D images of your oral cavity. The cutting-edge computer-aided design allows more options and helps your dentist produce the right fit. Once the approved crown design is delivered to the milling machine, the crown is then created from dental ceramic material. With CEREC we can make restorations that mimic the color of surrounding natural teeth. To restore front teeth, some people prefer a traditional crown to match perfectly. Also, patients who grind or clench their teeth overnight may require stronger material. In those cases, your Raleigh dentist may suggest a gold alloy crown. This is a longer-lasting and more durable choice.

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