What Are Same Day Crowns? Are They Worth It?

What Are Same Day Crowns? Are They Worth It?

Same-day crowns are an improved alternative for traditional crowns. They are made on the same day you have your appointment with your dentist. More people are turning to these types of fixtures to avoid the process that comes with old crowns.

Procedure for making same-day crowns

An advanced computer technology is used to make these crowns. The process begins with cleaning, sizing, and reshaping your teeth.

CAD/CAM computer technology is used to create a digital impression of your mouth. A computerized in-office milling machine is then used to cut out the crown from a block of the material used to make the crown. The milling machine uses specifications generated by the digital impression taken earlier.

This process will take approximately three minutes to complete. Mainly, the mill used for making the crowns is CEREC, though more companies have entered the market for competition.

Why do you need same-day crowns?

Pleasant Pine Dentistry recommends these types of crowns due to the following reasons.

  • They are more lifelike

These crowns are made using an advanced system, which gives them the most natural look. At Pleasant Pine Dentistry, CAD/CAM technology is used to model your mouth’s impression. This computer technology is able to capture even the smallest details in teeth.

The physical impression taken for traditional crowns only provides a rough estimate of the tooth. Computerized systems are able to make the best most natural-looking crowns meant to fit perfectly.

  • You don’t need temporary crowns

Since the waiting time required for your crown to be processed is short, there is no need for temporaries. With CEREC crowns, you can walk out of the office and attend to your duties as you wait for them to be completed. You only need one appointment.

  • Time Efficiency

With traditional crowns, there is a long process of having temporaries first. That’s not the case for same-day crowns. The process is short, efficient, and pleasant. You walk into your dentist’s office with broken teeth and come out having a permanent dental crown in place.

  • Cost-Effective

Both old crowns and same-day crowns have almost the same pricing, but the latter is cheaper in the long run. It’s because they save you the cost of having to pay for extra appointments and also paying for temporary crowns. They also are a perfect fit and are more durable compared to traditional crowns.

  • They use a fine-quality Ceramic

Although they are placed the same day, it doesn’t mean that they are temporary. They are high quality from the word go and will last long in your mouth. Plus, if you have allergies to metals, these are a better option. They cause no irritation to your gums or adjacent teeth.


  • They are only made from ceramic because the milling machine only works with ceramic. This is a disadvantage to patients who prefer metallic and PFM ceramics for durability and extra strength.
  • In the case of a fractured below the gumline, same-day crowns are not efficient. Dr. Vinod V. Mathew recommends conventional crowns as a better fit in such a situation.
  • Traditional crowns are more flexible as they can be made thinner than same-day dental crowns.

Same-day crowns are an excellent choice for:

  • Quickly restoring your looks – Your perfect smile is restored within hours
  • Averting Injury – Unlike in old methods where your dentist issues temporary crowns, these crowns are fitted instantly to repair your tooth. They are stronger and don’t involve much tooth drilling as with older models.
  • Preventing decay – Temporary crowns can get dislodged and give way for decay
  • Restoring function instantly – Damaged teeth often alter how you eat, your speech, and smile. You will have these functions all restored on the same day.

What is the cost of same-day crowns?

There is no significant price difference between these crowns and traditional crowns. Though the equipment for creating them is quite expensive, there is no lab cost for that. Again, only one appointment is needed, so the price is equalized.

Usually, prices will differ according to apparent reasons such as your location and your dentist’s expertise. You, however, need counsel from your dentist on the best crowns suitable for your tooth.

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